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We’re The Best Carpet Cleaning Company Redding, CA Has to Offer. The Premier Choice in Redding California for Carpet, Furniture, Concrete, Hardwood, Tile, Commercial Floor Care and Repairs.

A happy family and a productive workplace begin with a healthy environment. Make your floors and upholstery shine by choosing High Performance Floor Restorations, the very best carpet cleaning. We invest every effort and use every resource at our disposal to ensure that you have a seamless, hassle-free, and top-notch experience.

We DO NOT Show Up Late

How many times have you cleared your schedule to have some work done on your home – only to have them show up late, or worse – not show up at all? At High performance Floor Restorations, we can guarantee you that this will NOT happen.

Don’t Settle For A Sloppy Job

It’s easy to get away with shoddy work, especially since most homeowners are not familiar with the cleaning process. Our professionals take pride in doing a meticulous job and wrapping up all loose ends.

No Nasty Fumes

Who wants their home to smell like a chemical factory? No one. That’s why at High Performance Floor Restorations we make sure to use only non-toxic and pleasant smelling cleansers. There’s no reason why your floors shouldn’t be super clean AND smell crisp and fresh.

We Are Gentle With Your Belongings

It’s highly irritating when supposed professionals are rough with your stuff. We take precautions to be gentle when moving your furniture and while cleaning, to avoid scraping or denting your floors and walls and denting or banging your belongings.

Our Cleaning Services

Tile & Grout Cleaning, Grout Color Sealing, Grout Sealing and Repairs

Natural Stone Cleaning and Grout Repair, Concrete Cleaning and Sealing

Tile and grout start off looking elegant and sleek. But we all know what happens a few years down the line. It’s often tough to recall the original color of the grout. We thoroughly clean and restore ALL types of tile and grout surfaces, including natural stone and concrete. After we’ve worked our magic your tiles and grout will look like new.

Carpet Cleaning and Repair

Food spills, dirt, oils, bacteria, and other contaminants settle in carpets over time. To extract all that gunk, it’s important to call the carpet cleaning experts to have them cleaned annually. Homeowners with pets and children may want to consider cleaning their carpets annually. The majority of the pollutants that reside in your carpets may be invisible – but they are certainly not harmless.

Upholstery Cleaning and Repair

With High Performance Floor Restorations on the scene, your furniture will be in tip-top condition. Cleaning your furniture regularly keeps it in great shape and removes common blemishes like body oils, spots, and stains. If you live in Redding and your upholstery needs a tuneup, give us a call right away. We repair upholstery!

Hardwood Cleaning and Polishing

Hardwood floors are prone to scrapes, scratches, residue buildup, and fading over time. Everyday use eventually dulls the sheen and elegance of hardwood floors. We will step in and return your hardwood floors to their former glory. When High Performance Floor Restorations is done cleaning your hardwood floors, it will feel like they were just installed.





What Our Clients Say About Us

I just had Chad clean and repair my tile grout, replace a couple tiles, clean my carpet and I am AMAZED!! My tile and grout looked brand new and he did soooo many extras for me and the carpets, OMG, can I say BRAND NEW??? They are 10 years old but they look fabulous!! Chad was on time, courteous, very personable and extremely professional and great at his job. His assistant Mike was excellent too. I am a Realtor and have many, many choices but I chose Chad for my personal residence and am so glad I did!! Do not hesitate, call him today, his prices are really reasonable too. Call Chad at 530-941-8942 at High Performance Floor Restorations. Oh and he made absolutely no mess as he worked, five stars all the way!!!!!!!!
Tammy B.

We are not surprised Chad Has great reviews!  We are a property management firm with several residential and commercial buildings and have used Chad for quite some time. Each time we try someone different, just to see, we are so sorry! A couple of times, we have had to call Chad to reclean a “clean” carpet!  He is prompt, courteous to our clients, reasonably priced and does a great job. We highly recommend him! You are the best Chad!

Lory W.

Chad does the best job of carpet cleaning of anyone I have ever used.  He also excels at cleaning furniture and grout.  I recommend this company to anyone that wants the best results at a fair price.. Thanks Chad.

John K.

Chad cleaned my carpets after selling my house for the new owners. He was very concerned about doing a good job and wanting me to be 100% satisfied. He will go to work and make your carpet like new. He also cleaned the grout in our tile. We had white tile with grey grout, well let’s just say after 10 years the grey was a little darker in places. High Performance Floor Restorations cleaned that up to make it like new.

Jason R.

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